Hello 👋 I'm Dan.

I do Cloud DevOps and write PHP. I also care about web performance and security.

At work we’re migrating a huge application from Silex 2 to Symfony 3.4. There’s a bit to get your head around at first however once you understand it Symfony is really nice and pleasant to use. Thoroughly enjoying my pure Symfony experience thus far.

Made my vote count in the Victorian State Election. Most polling places close at 18:00, make sure you get there in time!

Been playing too fast and loose with my Micropub API endpoint recently and broken a couple of things on my blog here and there. Slowly adding more tests to make sure I don’t break things, then I hope to finally open source it.

As much as I’d love to have USB-C in an iPhone, I’m inclined to agree with John Gruber and his thoughts about Lightning vs USB-C. I have USB-C chargers around the house to charge my laptops and my girlfriend’s Samsung (shudder) phone, it’d be super convenient if I could add iPhone to the list of devices that can get power from the one cable.

Day 1 of my V for Vendetta/Watchmen/The Punisher sleeve down. Absolutely loving the progress and look so far, excited to have it finished, hopefully by early next year.

Absolutely wonderful day at Lerderderg Gorge State Park. We did a 13.5 KM walk – clambered up and down some very steep hills, saw a snake and a goat, and had to hunt for hidden paths along the way. Totally worth it, we’re exhausted.

Watched Event Horizon for the first time last weekend, watching it again tonight. Some of the special effects have not aged well but it’s a terrific movie nonetheless.

I’m going to miss these kittens, we return them after fostering them for a few weeks. Fun little troublemakers they are 🐱

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