Hello 👋 I'm Dan.

I write PHP, Go, and JavaScript. I also care about web performance.

Fantastic first day at Laravel AU. Utility CSS frameworks have blown my mind, definitely going to look into them. Looking forward to day two!

Time flies doesn’t it? Feels like only yesterday I booked my Laracon AU trip to Sydney. It begins on Thursday.

Had a lovely day in Port Douglas. Back home tomorrow. Feels like my holiday began only yesterday, oh how time flies.

Preordered the new Google Home Hub. Despite being an Apple diehard, I love the Google Home hardware and software. I have Google Wi-Fi along with a multitude of Google Home devices. Looking forward to playing with the Home Hub.

Whoops – my blog endpoint doesn’t generate slugs for posts that have a photo only. Added that to the “to fix” list before it gets open-sourced.

My First 21-15-9 WOD

Recently I’ve been getting into designing my own Metcon/HIIT workouts and routines to find fun ways to change up my exercise regime. I really like the 21-15-9 workout repetition scheme from the world of CrossFit so I put together a particularly nasty one which I tried for the first time today:

21-15-9 Routine

  • X calories on the rower
  • X single-unders
  • X air squats
  • X burpees
  • X calories on the SkiErg
  • X 25 KG thrusters
  • X 25 KG squat cleans

For a first go I completed it in 25 minutes and 36 seconds. Not an amazing effort, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. I’m not very confident at squat cleans so they take me longer as I want to ensure my technique is as good as possible each time.

A few things I’d change are:

  • single-unders: I can’t do double-unders so I thought single-unders would be a suitable replacement, but 21 single-unders is too basic. I might replace it out for something else, potentially something more intensive like the Assault Air Bike.
  • air squats: I might change this up to use a weighted bag or ball so there’s more weight (and suffering) during this movement.
  • thrusters weight: I’m still relatively weak in the shoulder-press motion so I’m not at the stage of pushing up to CrossFit competition weights of 43 KG, but that will come.
  • squat cleans weight: As mentioned above I’m not confident in the squat clean and need to practice it more so my weight is quite low for the moment. I expect to push this up to around 43 KG in time.

If you give it a shot, let me know your time!