Hello 👋 I'm Dan.

I write PHP & TypeScript. I also care about web performance.

Excited to be heading to the Gold Coast in January next year to watch the last day of the Australian CrossFit Championships. The girlfriend and I are flying up and back in the same day, it’ll be a whirlwind trip that’s for sure.

Only just noticed that I hit 500 sequential days of meeting my stand goal on the Apple Watch a few days ago. I’m kind of surprised that I didn’t miss a day here or there.

That new Mac mini is beautiful. Impressed with the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air too. Now to consider replacing my legacy MacBook Pro acting as the media server for home.

I reckon I might shed a tear if there’s a new Mac mini released today. The last solid Mac mini was the 2011 model, crazy to think it’s had one “update” (really it was a downgrade) since then, in 2012 no less. Boggles my mind that a company the size of Apple could let a product like that languish for 6 years before (potentially) updating it again.

After my 2010 Mac mini Server died last year I’ve been using a 2011 MacBook Pro in its place as my home server. Really hoping to upgrade that to a new Mac mini if it ever receives another update. I can only hope.

Slowly wrapping up some refactoring and adding in more tests for my Micropub endpoint before I open-source it. I’m hoping to have it out in the wild within the next two weeks, spare time permitting.

Amazing night seeing liquid DnB masters, BCee and LSB work their magic on the decks. Definitely worth seeing if you ever get the chance.

Still amped from Laracon AU. What a great conference. Back home to Melbourne tomorrow then heading out see some DnB masters, BCee and LSB – should be an amazing night!

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