Hello 👋 I'm Dan.

I write PHP, Go, and JavaScript. I also care about web performance.

Holding off on installing iOS 13.1 until a bugfix release. The number of moderate to bad issues in 13.1 is just too high for my liking. iOS 13 has been a very disappointing release, stability wise.

I’m constantly amazed by the power of the brain.

Today I opened up Valve’s Hammer level editor (for making Half-Life et al maps) for the first time in at least 12 years and straight away remembered the common shortcuts and was able to get working without having to go through heaps of documentation.

I’ve been playing around with migrating some of my websites to Netlify (for the basic static ones), and Google’s App Engine for the others.

So far I’m very impressed with Netlify, it’s a nice setup and very easy to get working. I’m still getting my Laravel apps to work on App Engine – the write-only filesystem is proving to be a bit of a hassle, but I’m getting there.

The new Mac Pro is an interesting piece of industrial design. Sure looks like it’ll pack a punch though, in both performance and wallet aspects. #WWDC19

Quite impressed with the enhancements to iOS and watchOS, and now iPadOS! This year’s WWDC has been a hit.

ATP on iOS Mail Apps

Interesting segment on Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP ) regarding iOS mail clients. I’ve long forgone the default Mail app in favour for more powerful apps. I was a user of Mailbox for a while, then switched to Airmail for a few years, and most recently switched to Spark around 2 years ago and haven’t looked back.

All the apps have their trade-offs; none of the third-party apps feels like a first class citizen however the minor cons are far outweighed by the multitude of benefits. In the linked ATP episode Marco bemoans “simpler folder management” as a metaphor for either removal or reducing the effectiveness of a feature. I share his hesitation as it wouldn’t be the first time in Apple’s recent history that “simpler” has been less. Simpler should not be a synonym for less.

Worst week of the year to be a tech fan. I don’t find any of the April Fool’s Week (née Day) pranks funny.