AirPods Pro

I got a pair of AirPods Pro today, I’ve only tested them for around an hour or so but so I’m impressed.

The active noise cancelling is very good, especially noticeable in loud environments like train stations. The difference between that and “Transparency” mode, where it does ambient sound pass-through, is incredible.

I left in the default “normal” size ear tips, they feel comfortable enough to me. The Ear Tips Fit Test confirmed they’re suitable for my ears. The normal EarPods and AirPods have fit my ears fine in the past so I figure the default ear tips will be fine for most people, myself included.

I decided to get a pair because the commuting part of my day is spent on noisey trains and bustling stations which meant I would have to turn the volume of my headphones up to possibly dangerous levels. My hope is that by getting noise cancelling headphones it’ll help my hearing by letting me turn down the volume but still enjoying the audio experience.

So far, so good. I’ll post back in a few weeks to see whether I still feel the same way.