My Micropub Endpoint: Out Now

When I was redoing my blog many moons ago I decided I didn’t want to use a CMS to write posts in. I wanted to have the ability to use the iOS app or Quill to write my posts in. Doing this meant using a Micropub API endpoint to be my open standard API of choice.

I had two choices: either use an existing API endpoint library or make my own.

Being a programmer I decided on the later. Enter: my Micropub endpoint.

The Details

Built on PHP 7.1 and using Laravel’s Lumen micro-framework the API has only a handful of routes (all of which require you to be authenticated).

Currently it supports the following:

It’s designed to work with Hugo however it’s a piece of cake to add a different provider that works for your needs.

Authentication is handled through IndieAuth and by default my endpoint uses to authenticate with. In the configuration of the endpoint you can customise that URL so if you have your own server for IndieAuth (or wish to use a different service) you can do just that.

More features like updating and deleting posts will be added but they’re not a big priority to me at this stage.


Get the Micropub endpoint here

Try it out and post any issues in the GitHub issue tracker, or submit a PR!