Working with OS X Caching Server's Max Cache Size Limits

The Caching Server pane in
The Caching Server pane in

Added in a recent version of OS X Server was the ability to provide an advanced software update feature called Caching Server. This enhanced the previous Software Update server features by including content from iTunes (i.e. iOS app updates and iBooks), along with providing an easy way for automatic server update selection (for those who are unfamiliar with Caching Server’s nifty features, check out the PDF on this page).

During setup you are required to select a volume for the cached updates to be stored. Depending on the size of this volume, the maximum size used slider can be rather useless. For example, when configuring my RAID enclosure (which has 8.8TB of useable space), the slider went from 30GB to 580GB in one step! This kind of limited selection is very frustrating. I want more than 30GB of cached updates, but I don’t want 580GB! Unfortunately, the current GUI slider steps in very high increments. Thankfully for us, using serveradmin through the terminal will save us.

If you want to see what limit Caching Server has set via the command line, you can do sudo serveradmin fullstatus caching then check out the line caching:CacheLimit. This number is shown in bytes and will convert nicely to a base 10 unit (otherwise known as SI), rather than the normal base 2.

For example, if you wanted to set a limit of 100GB, you would use the number 100000000000. That’s a lot of zeroes. Alternatively, 250GB would be 250000000000. To work out your storage conversion needs, I’d recommend checking out this converter here and use the Byte SI Decimal Prefix to convert to bytes.

Now that we’ve decided on how much space we’d like to use for Caching Server, lets tell it what we want. Open up a new Terminal window and using the command serveradmin settings caching:CacheLimit we can specify (in bytes) how much space we want to use. In my case, I wanted to use a maximum of 100GB for Caching Server. To do this, I enter the following:

sudo serveradmin settings caching:CacheLimit = 100000000000

After pressing return and running fullstatus on Caching Server (or opening the Caching tab in the Server app), you can now see that a maximum of 100GB will be used. Naturally, entering a different number will yield a different result in Server app (or the Terminal), but you get the picture.