Pingdom for Status Board

After making my first two Status Board graphs I have been thinking of a third graph to make. Combined with my love for graphs, along with my love for making graphs, my third Status Board graph is a check response time graph for Pingdom.

24 Hour Response

Response times for and over the last 24 hours.

I use Pingdom to monitor the response times of my servers (d’uh) and I thought I’d like to be able to see those results in a Status Board graph. You merely have to download the code from the GitHub repository, create the config.php file as per the README instructions and you’ll have a fully functional Status Board graph.

Currently my graph only supports results from the last 7 days, or the last 24 hours. I’m planning on adding more graphs soon, but currently, only these two graphs are super useful (in my opinion). In the config.php file I recommend that if you have less than 6 hosts in your account you can pass the ?autohost=true variable to the query string. Otherwise, if you have more than 6 the graph will probably look pretty messy with loads of lines everywhere.

Check out the code on GitHub!

Note: the graph bugs out a fair bit if, for example, you do a graph of last week but there’s only been less than a week worth of results you’ll see the graph looks a bit silly. It appears that Status Board doesn’t like graph keys that include a / or : (or I presume any other non-numerical characters).